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Headset HappyRadio Training

and Examinations

Our resident CAA approved radio examiner Ivan Hart, is available for the PPL practical tests and the written exam.

Anybody who feels that they might need a brush-up or prepare for the practical test please contact Ivan through the club or:

RT Advice

Please note:

Ivan Hart is based in KENT,

and operates from:

Lydd Aero Club, Lydd Airport,


Club Phone: 01797 320734

The Legislation

All persons intending to undertake training and/or examination to hold the FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Licence) must read and understand CAA CAP 413 (ensuring that the document is up to date since it is regularly amended)

All users of RTF in the United Kingdom are expected to comply with the phraseology described in this manual.

However, the phraseology examples contained therein are not intended to be exhaustive, and when circumstances differ, pilots, ATS personnel and other ground personnel will be expected to use plain language, which should be as clear and concise as possible,