Now replaced by Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL)

National Private Pilot's Licence (NPPL)

This licence (see also  LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots Licence - adopted by the European Safety organisation) is aimed at recreational pilots who wish to fly during the daytime and with no other “ratings” such as night or instrument flying. In the light of this, it has a lower minimum hours requirement than the Private Pilot Licence.TrainingPA28

It also differs in the medical requirements, which are now signed off by your own GP rather than by a specialist Aviation Medical Examiner. This is equivalent to the DVLA standards for a heavy goods vehicle driver.

An even lower medical standard applies If you are happy to fly without passengers, or with a safety pilot.

The NPPL is a national licence only, you cannot currently use it to fly outside the UK.

Whilst you cannot add night or instrument ratings to an NPPL,  you can credit 30 hours of your training time towards a EASA PPL if you wish to move on to that licence later, as long as all your instruction was carried out by a EASA instructor.

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